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Cliqquery focused on providing SaaS-based solutions (software as a service) for buyers and sellers of online sample in the market research industry.

Cliqquery offer services which help the client to make path breaking business and marketing strategies and streamline to position the product, brand and create relevant platforms to explore and businesses.

Cliqquery is committed to safeguarding your privacy. We are committed to maintaining the privacy of online respondents and panel members. Please read the following privacy policy to understand how your personal information will be treated.

Our high quality standards in recruitment of participants and our qualified team's continuous and meticulous maintenance of our panels can be seen in our exceptionally high response rates and the close affinity we enjoy with our participants. This results in responses that meet the highest standards of quality to provide our customers with a solid basis for successful research projects.

If the client reports cheaters in a survey, our project managers remove these from the survey through management tool and alert the panel operations department. This ensures a panelist cannot be invited to a study beyond the frequency level set forth in the agreement between Research and the panel owner.

Research Support Services

Do you seek support with a research project? Cliqquery offers a number of support services to research professionals in need.

Survey Progamming

Cliqquery offers round-the-clock project monitoring and the structured survey collects the data needed from the specific respondents during the course. The response might be collected in a matrix or on a rating scales of points, or by suitable text boxes, text, or audio-video methods, or through several menu options or individual select responses.

Data Analysis

Data analysis uses predictive strategies to find patterns in data. These patterns are useful in decision making because they reveal areas for process improvement. Corporations may use data analysis to optimize the profitability of their customer relations, identify fraud, and mitigate risk.

Global Coverage


Agriculture is Science's oldest industry, having fed the world for ages. It is presently undergoing dramatic evolution as a series of revolutions redefine its processes, techniques, and value chain. Cliqquery combines directly with some of the corporation's leading brands to produce insights by rapidly and seamlessly engaging 'hard to reach' respondents from both rural and urban regions. Cliqquery leverages its in-house capabilities and broad reach to analytics is the branch that support customers to make sound critical decisions.


Media is much more than simply giant enterprises sending stuff into our homes. Today, media is about the average client, who can directly submit content as well as thoughts and ideas via multiple means, seriously affecting both sales and outcomes. Cliqquery applies its broad reach, distinct skills, and specific knowledge to assist customers in identifying their "strongest connect" with relevant respondent categories. Clients leverage the information gained from working with Cliqquery to develop customized information and favourable stimuli, enhancing viewership and market share.


The global workforce is declining. As healthcare systems and players face growing demands, only those that can blend patients' expectations and demands with the tough demands of cost versus value will have a future. We have been serving significant customers in the global healthcare market by combining good knowledge, substantial reach, and analytics. The answers Cliqquery assists in obtaining have a direct and quantifiable bearing on critical aspects such as patient satisfaction and service optimization.


Retail is one of today's most dynamic businesses, with the capacity to absorb a high pace of growth at multiple fronts, including consumers, channels, and providers. As shoppers grow more connected to Retail, it is vital (and hard) to engage them in meaningful dialogues. Everyone is eager to "connect with the consumer," but only a few will succeed. Cliqquery has used its Market Research expertise to link customers with fast-moving, high-value respondents; insights offered by Cliqquery have assisted clients in building, keeping, and growing their leadership across crucial major retailers.


We provide customized solutions to B2B, B2C, marketers and advertising agencies. Our sophisticated technology and experienced professionals, increase our capability to offer pro-active Market Research fieldwork services.

Qualitative Research

Telephonic Surveys
Computer Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI)
Central Location Testing
Paper & Pen Interviews(PAPI)

Online Research

Audience Research
Product Research
Brand Analysis
Psychological Profiling
Database Research
Post-sale or Consumer
Satisfaction Research

Quantitative Research

Depth Interviews
Ethnography Approaches
Online In-Depth interviews
Online Focus Group Discussions


General Surgery

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Cliqquery has been constantly perfecting in qualitative and quantitative data collection we've optimized our platform to provide solutions for the unique solutions for the unique challenges of your industry and your profession.
Cliqquery has provided superior quality sample and customer service to hundreds of online researchers and is continuing to push for stronger measures for quality sample in the industry.


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We have been a pioneer in the field of Market Research and Analytics since our inception. We have committed our selves to perfect the art of data sampling and analytics in order to achieve high quality and time bound output on every project.